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My wife and I are looking for a new digital camera. She currently has a Canon Elf film camera but you can't hardly find film for it anymore. I have several SLR film cameras and a Fuji A602 digital. Although my Fuji takes pretty good pictures is is big and bulky and my wife thinks it is too darned complicated. She's right about the big and bulky part and we are really looking for a very non-complicated point-and-shoot digital camera that can be easily shoved in my wife's purse. So....I've been looking at info regarding the Cannon SD750 and think that this might be a good fit however I know that there are many other sub-compact models out there. Can anyone give me advice on the SD750 andalternatives to look at if we want to go with another brand? We want something that will shoot good snapshots for her and better shots for me that can take advantage of the advance features of a camera.Also what, exactly is the difference between the SD750 and the SD1000? My understaning is the SD1000 has a viewfinder whereas the SD750 does not but is that the only difference? We're really open to buying whatever brand/model is best for us but money is money and I don't want to invest something bad. I'm comfortable with Canon so that's the only reason for picking that brand. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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