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Hagar wrote:
I like the color version best, it's absolutely beautiful.

And not a man made object in sight. That makes it even better.
Hagar, and everyone else thus far, thanks for the feed back. I too like the color version better.

Regarding "not a man made object in sight" comment it is worth noting that the full res version does have people in it. About 1/2 - 2/3 into the scene on the right shore line there are abuot 6 people walking/hiking. The lake is so big that you need to zoom into 100% just to see them. They are almost specs. I find it quite interesting that the people look so small. Too bad you can't see them on the 500x333 sized pic. I also took a pic of them zoomed to 50mm (80mm equiv) to emphesize this. Maybe I'll post it later to show you.

But yes, not a man made object in sight is what I like and try to do in my landscape pictures whenever possible.
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