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Hello Scott

Thanks for the post as it was very informative.

They mostly talk about the high end ball heads, or in generalities on the tripod forum here at Steve's..

Areyour A/S -style Q-R plates actually from ArcaSwiss, or are you using anothermanufacturers??..

The RRS plates are supposed to be quite good from what I've read..

Any suggestions as to what style plate that fits under the K10D??..What did you choose & why??..Can you explain the relationship between the weight of the camera / lens combo & the length of the Q-R plate needed??..

I gather that longer Q-R plates allow you to choose multiple positions so as to achieve a "neutral" balance point??..

The charts provided on some of the sites that I looked at were not very informative as to what the various plates listed were intended to be used for!!..

I'll be checking out the Bogen 648MG RC2 as soon as I've finished posting this ..

Thanks, Bruce
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