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After MUCH internal debate[ like do I make the correct / most cost effective purchase once.. Or do I buy increasingly more expensive / appropriate pieces of gear so that I end up with a "collection" of equipment, much of which I would then have to sell / allow to sit unused] I ordered the following today from Really Right Stuff:

1. BH-55 Pro ball head

2. BD-BG2 plate to fit K10D battery grip

3. B97L long plate to fit the Tamron BBAR 70-350 f4.5 lenses' tripod foot

4. Total cost w / shipping $538.00--OOOOOOOOOOOOOUCH!!!

I got the thumb screw style Q-R so that I have the option of using Arca-Swiss style Q-R plates other than the ones manufactured by RRS & Wimberly..

I had budgeted approximately $450-500 for the tripod & head, & had hoped to be able to spend a bit less..I'm now at $697.00 for tripod & head, about $200.00 more than I really wanted to spend right now..

Since I'm having a good bit of trouble transitioning from film to digital I decided to spend up for the RRS balll head..Anything that will let me focus more on the shot & less with fiddling with the equipment to make things work right is money well spent..

Many thanks to you Scott for your advice


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