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Thank you Tom and Coppertrail.

It sometimes takes me forever to research things prior to purchases and to make decisions, but I finally "went all out" and ordered the C9000 from Thomas Distributing. It was on sale for $60, and I also bought a bunch of of other items including some Powerex 2700's. The order also included a 5% and 2% discount, so I think I got a pretty good deal. Ihope that the charger and rechargeable cells "pay for themselves" after a while. I also got several freebies, including 4 IPower 2100 cells. Are these cells any good? Would they be better suited to lower draw equipment like a radio or remote control, as compared to a digicam?

Finally, since our digicams often sit unused for a few weeks at a time, I ordered some Eneloops for their low self-discharge rate. I had $25 credit at, so I bought their 8 AA Eneloops for $20 (which seemed like the best deal around), and also bought 4 AAA to use up my $25 and get free shipping!

Thanks for all the comments. I may be posting back if I need help once I get the stuff!

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