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bayourebel wrote:
Steve, I do quite envy your bird photography ablilities. Soon you will do a book similiar to C.C. Lockwood.
Then I would have to get serious, probably buy a fancy camera with lenses and a bag to carry them in, etc. Although there are moments when that fast response and higher ISO settings would come in handy I have enough fun with this $300.00 camera to satisfy me.

Glad you like the shots though. Thanks for commenting, and thanks also genece and vaiboy.

Maybe as a side effect of the drought, the birds were easy to take pictures of. I will post some more in the near future. I have birds, gators, cute little bunnys, lizards, even took some people and sunset pictures. And of course the moon. I think I found out my moon problem; I just don't get clear shots in Chicago due to pollution.
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