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Trojansoc wrote:
Daniel, some really nice shots.* I like the saturation levels and sharpness, and you've done a good job of capturing some action.* I think that pictures 1 and 4*are particularly strong, but would benefit from cropping to a vertical orientation.* In each case, there are significant distracting elements that could easily be removed with a judicious crop.* In photo #1 the little boy in the red shirt on the left and the parent on the right neither add to the impact of the shot.* In #4 you could easily remove the players in blue on each side who are simply standing watching the action.*

Your EXIF was returning 0mm on focal length, so I assume you were using a manual focus lens?*
I have been lazy not cropping out distraction. I was using a Pentax prime lens A300mmF4 . Thanks for taking time to comment.

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