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mtngal wrote:
I'd second not getting the grip right off. While some people love theirs and far prefer shooting with it on (saying it provide better balance, etc.), I can't handle one at all. It's very uncomfortable for me to manage (I have small hands) and the weight added is significant. It's definitely a "try before you buy" type of item, and you can easily add it later if you decide you want one.
That seemes to be a hand size thing more than anything else..... I carry an extra battery and have no desire for my 10D to be bulkier than it is.... also have no problem hanging the camera from my right hand, left still supporting lens and geting a steady vert shot..

You have PAUL BUNYON fingers... maybe the grip would serve..

Unless they include added flash mount capability (Pentax doesn't) I haven't ever understood the NEED for a grip. The spare battery fits in the bag EASY the grip wouldn't and much added weight.... and I like heavy cameras but the 10D is just right as IT IS.

And honestly as much as I might like to have one have you ever held a Canon 1D... its like holding a HUMMER i n your hand.... ESPECIALLY with it also pretty needless grip.
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