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As i further the test

I taken out my casio to a firre work display

Oh man. no words for the works but the casio how can I say this

"placing dog food while people food is on the table"

in person like a x-max present on a snowy day.

now why i say this every loud boom that i felt and heard as an echo. should have registered to the stereo, andwhen reviewed on the pc snap crackle pop, that is all I can say, till the video is rendering, and then need to burn a dvd. I know for sure

My trusty MUSTEK did better, anddid not smear the video. yes the CCD did just that. I believe the image sensors were working and what a display at the end you can see almost all the sensors capturing the moment

wonder if the hybrid has a dampner if too loud it softens if too low it expands no I think it has a protective filter .

now if this was the g0. hmm is all I can say

never dissappointed, but again at least I got it on footage further testing needed

update 1: apon renderingto WMV and watching the video I am pleased, just the smear is an issue hoping all night shots will work out next time. if this happens in day time then it is an issue?

here is some photo demos

a tripod is neededwhile the camera is acting like the Aiptek you need to allow the camera to stop flashing green once that is done it is a perfect shot, shutter is working, and this stops you from taking the next action shot a idea of thought to undertand lett he camer do its job

fire work video 6 min enjoy

update 2

As I used super it some how did not like the codec? need to retry with super workedwell with the Aitek go.

I used Ulead video suiete 8se dvd andittaken around 2 hours for 6 minutes ofdvdvideo

got it on my big screen and wow! just that I used my home theater to get the depth but i guess being at the workks andhearing the echo is in memory if wanted a better sound I'll use my camcorder next time.

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