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robar wrote:
even if this works, it's too much trouble. at PB all i have to do is copy an already made link. i have learned something tho.
That's all you're really doing here if you right click on one of the smaller images on an album page and use the Copy Image location menu choice after right clicking on it from your browser.

Then, it's ready to paste into the box you get when you select the button. It's just a smaller size than you may want. So, all you need to do is change it to something larger by changing the numbers (for example, from s144 to s640).

If you want to right click on a larger image (versus one of the thumbnails on an album page), then a little more editing of the link is required (as described in this thread). I've got an account for Picasa Web Albums. But, I haven't used it myself. I prefer (it's $23/year for 500MB of space with lots of customization of your album pages available).

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