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The second photo in this series is a photo taken with the Konica KD-510z (identical to the Minolta DiMAGE G500), using a 2 second exposure in manual exposure mode:

As far as macro work, you may also want to read through this thread, for someone looking for a camera for macro work. I included links to posts from a Minolta G500 user that loves it for closeup work (especially since it "throttles down" the flash nicely at closer ranges):

It's not as good as the Nikons (which are the best available for Macro work), but it can "fill the frame" with an object around 2 inches across in Macro Mode. Low light focus is much better than the Nikons.

BTW, this model is selling for a little over $300.00 now from reputable vendors.

You can find my user review of the camera in my album at
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