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Is it me or do you seem to be shouting?

Is that vegitation?

What was the Humidity Level and Speed of air flow about the vegetation?

I have no such problems with my H9. Upto 8x10 It satisfies me.

The samples you provide me do not represent the reality that i encountered with my H9 images.

Being a Meticulous Photographer does not mean such a photographer knows when he can capture a moment or not.

If I were a Meticulous Photographer I would not be looking at any small sensor camera.

I am a Capture the Moment Photographer, and believe me, after 10,000 H9 images I have captured many moments that I have been unable to capture with other cameras that I have owned and used in the past.

Like I said, you like it or you don't. no need to shout.

Thank you for the exchange of opinions and ideas. Without them there would be no Sony Forum.


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