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I like the cloud shot very, verymuch, but in colour! It's a remarkable photo to my eye, because it fools me into thinking I'm looking with stereoscopic vision. I think I can see the depth, and that if I moved my head it'd be like a hologram and I'd see round it.

I've seen this effect recently in one of bahadir's wonderful cloudscapes, in 'Landscape photos' at... (enlarge it, or this one, (bottom right button in IE7), to fill the screen for the full effect).

I think the illusion is provided by the subtle, changing,shades of the intense (polarised?) blues of the sky, seeming to provide depth. This has disappeared in the conversion. So for me this misses the whole point of the original.

The conversions I have really liked in this challenge are those that enhance & alter the image tones or apparent composition, with an objective. My own modest contributionshave been to enhance the impact of a skyscape, or to try & make a better job of a colour shot that was essentially monochromatic anyway.

What's the most striking thing about a cherry tree bearing fruit? It's a lovely photo!

We've seen lots of excellent, clever & imaginative enhancements in this challenge. I'll mention another I really like elsewhere. I've got a couple more in mind, but I can't get them right so far.

Keep 'em coming! Alan T
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