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Trigger voltage can be an issue. That is why some of the older Vivitar 283 flash units are not recommended. It seems to me that I read somewhere that you cannot use of Irish that has a trigger voltage higher than 300 V or whatever the unit of measure is. A lot of people have recommended the Sunpak 383. I inquired to Fuji at one time about a flash for my 9000. They answered that I can use just about any portable flash that is available, but that some dedicated flash units would not work. I have a Quantaray 7500 that has a Pentax dedicated module on it. That module has a switch position for ordinary auto flash, and it works fine with my camera. There is not a dedicated flash for this camera. I think you can use a non-dedicated flash to trigger other slaves as long as the flash doesn't fire the preflash that some units do. At least that is what I seem to recall reading from other comments.
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