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bayourebel wrote:
Lovely photos indeed. Glad to see you have the 30d back. Looking at the two set of photos, the FZ does seem to compare well. Comparing the photos and looking at the attached data (exif)info, the FZ was in normal program, while the 30d was set in aperture mode, and the focal lengths are not the same. Have you tried comparing photos with both cameras set exactly the same? (Focal length, iso, aperture and speed, as well as from approximately the same position). Just wondering how they would compare all things being equal, in that regard.

Of course, I am not sure if the above can be done. Just thought it would be interesting to see such a comparison.
In fact, that sounds like a good excuse to go back there if you want to. :-)

That seconc shot is my favorite. Everything comes together for me in that one.
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