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The OP has probably already purchased the cards (the original post was from May). ;-)

But, since this thread is now back at the top of list, I'll throw in my two cents worth in case others are reading this thread when card shopping.

Kingston is at the top of my avoid list, because of some compatibility issues you find with some of the Konica Minolta models (for example, some of their Elite Pro cards are a real "dog" in a KM DSLR, with even their standard speed cards often testing dramatically faster in these cameras).

You see the same issues reported from some Kodak DSLR users (some of the Kingston Elite Pro cards won't work in them at all because of apparent compatiblity problems with the Samsung controller that Kingston used in some these cards). Some other brands also used this controller. See footnote 13 at the bottom of this page:

I also saw some compatiblity problems reported with the Elite Pro cards in the Canon S1 IS when it was introduced, depending on the edge stamp of the card (it's not uncommon for the same card model to have different components, depending on when/where it was manufactured). But, Canon upgraded the S1 IS firmware fairly early during production for better CompactFlash compability to solve it.

Yet, these Elite Pro cards seem to work fine in most other camera models (even in Canon DSLRs), with no compatiblity issues.

These problems have likely been resolved in newer Kingston Cards, and their standard speed cards didn't exhibit these kinds of issues from reports I've seen (they actually test *much* faster in a KM DSLR compared to some of the Kingston Elite Pro series cards), and even a 4x Lexar I've got "runs circles" around a 50x Kingston Elite Pro in a KM DSLR from tests I've seen.

But, even if they've fixed this issue in newer cards, I've seen enough complaints in the past, that they'll probably stay at the top my avoid list regardless, especially their Elite Pro series cards. Heck, I saw a complaint from a KM DSLR user just this morning on another forum claiming that Kingston terminated communications as soon as they found out what camera he was using one in when he wanted a replacement.

It may be a camera issue, or it may be a card issue. But, regardless of where the fault lies (and it's probably a compatibility issue between the cameras and the Samsung controlers used in some of these cards), I wouldn't buy one since I use a KM DSLR and some of the Elite Pro series cards have known performance issues in these cameras.

So, it's a good idea to make sure any device you use doesn't have any compatibility issues with a given card by asking other users of the same camera model if they've had any problems with one.

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