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xzevlin wrote:
I just got my Go-HD today, and so far I'm impressed by the picture quality. Shot some video in a nightclub in low light and the video looks great. The sound is awful, but it was extremely loud in there. I have been able to open the clips up in After Effects and Sorensen Squeeze, as well as the free MediaCoder. Mediacoder seems like it would be a perfect conversion tool for the videos, if I could figure out how to choose something other than xvid as its output codec.

One thing that worries me though is the record button. The only way I can tell it's recording is by looking at the screen indicators, there's no tactile feedback that I've pressed the button. Is it supposed to be that way, or should it move in as deep as the photo button?

Well to be fair, I have had that problem with 'regular' camcorders. I have thought I had paused the recording when I hadn't and vice versa. So I always make a habit of looking to make sure the recording counter is incrementing on any device!
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