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CarlosFlowerday wrote:
Hello all! Some advice, if you can ... I'm after a camera/hybrid almost exclusively to record video clips whilst attached to my racecar's roll cage. Thus my wishlist is short but maybe unusual:

1) must record to MPEG-4 - so I can get plenty of footage on a card, produce clips which are manageablefor uploading onto YouTube or otherwise sharing without crashing the entire internet
2) must have a metal tripod mount
3) some form of image stabilisation would be useful (to try and even out the shakes of a harshly-suspended racecar)
4) something that's not too tall - ruling out odd-shaped stuff liked Sanyo's Xacti range; the higher above the mount the lens is, the more unstable the camera is, and thus the more shaky the footage is
5) something relatively inexpensive - and available in the UK, please!

Unlike a lot of people, I don't actually need any still image capability, as I already have an S3 and an Ixus 850for that.

So, anyone know of a camera that produces half-decent video footage (i.e. better than the Oregon action camera) without breaking the bank?

Cheers Carlos! From your description, it sounds like you need a camcorder that records on a memory card. The duration of recording would simply be determined on the capacity of the card. You may want to post this question in a camcorder forum (here or at sites like I believe the still-cameras that take MPEG video (like my Sony digital), are all point-and-shoot types, not DSLR types. I'm not aware of any point-and-shoots that have image stabilization. I know there are some camcorders that do. Are the in-car cameras that are used in NASCAR, IMSA, F1, etc. simplysmallelectronic lenses connected to RF transmitters, and that are solidly mounted in the car? I see jittering from these cameras, but it doesn't seem too bad. I'm sure these cars don't have a digital camera or camcorder mounted (because of size and weight).
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