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UPDATE: I did manage to get one from the store in Germany that was suggested:

I used Google to translate the page from German to English and sent them an email. They were willing to ship it to me in NJ if I paid the overseas shipping via DHL. We used PayPal for the transaction. The total cost with shipping was $67.81 USD = €48.30 EUR. It was about €20 EUR for the shipping.

This might sound like a lot but if it works I'll be able to use the three 4GB SDHC cards and the six 2GB SD cards I already have. Last time I priced a 4GB CF card it was around $50 or more depending on the brand and speed.

I can't for the life of me understand why no one on this side of the Atlantic is selling these cards. If I could find a source I would sell them on eBay like hotcakes.

Hope this info helps others in the same boat. I'll let you know how the card works when I get it.
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