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Originally Posted by sjms
All your answers are right here

bottom line a 40x quality brand name CF card will be approx 20% faster then a IBM/Hitachi 1GB microdrive. the 4Gb MD was even more disappointing in the transfer dept on canon cameras.

remember you are limited by the internal buffer of the camera and the firmware that sets priorities for function and power consumption.
Right and Wrong

I just want to let it be known that I read this review on the listed site and I ended up buying the most top of the line CF card (San-Disk Extream 1gig $350+) say the least I am VERY disapointed.

On that website there is a chart that shows my previous card (San Disk 512 Standard) running @ 724K/sec ON THE DIGITAL REBEL, which is one of the slowest out of all of the CF cards. So I thought to myself "ahh man...I'm missing out on performance big time." In fact, I did miss a few great shots in the past because I was waiting for the buffer to clear on the 300D.

So what do I do? I drop $350+ on a San Disk Extream 1 Gig thinking that I'm going to see a HUGE difference because after all... That site did test these cards and the chart did say that my camera would run @ wopping 1324K/sec! in the DIGITAL REBEL.

Well, to make a long story short I didnt even the SLIGHTEST of difference in this new card...not one bit. The camera has the exact same performance I had with a standard CF card.

So if your reading this, debating on picking up a higher performance card please DONT. Save your money and buy MORE memory instead. It's the camera thats slow...not the CF card. You wont see much of a difference out of a faster card. Save your money and thank me down the road, unless you plan on upgrading to a different camera in the near future... but thats a different story.

Good luck!

Heres a night shot in the rain that I just took about an hour ago. Check it out.
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