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vIZnquest wrote:
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danielchtong wrote:
WackyRoger wrote:
Sigma 10-20 portraits (My 1st try)

I am still trying to get used to this lens so I had a friend pose for a portrait shot. My first try at this kind of photo. I was trying to get a Bandito look.

I bought the lens for landscape background photos for the wildlife shots. I decided OH Well instead of landscapes or wild animals it was time to try a living breathing people.

Wow Roger
You have quite a bit of change from your usual excellent wildlife shots.
Interesting use of a wide angle lens of an interesting subject. Certainly if your subject starts shooting it is not funny
You really have no need to use direct flash creating the harsh flash shadow. Bouncing your flash either the ceiling or a bounce card or a Gary Fong diffuser ($60) or its knockoff (around $20) may do the job.
Say hello to your cool buddy.

Daniel thanks for the diffuser thingie information. Looks like that thing might be a good idea.

The use of bounce or diffuser are two different things. The bounce will create shadows in the eyes and more so with the hat brim. Flash with fill light may diminish this though. Promaster now makes a flash unit for Pentax that is TTL and PTTL. It comes with a diffuser and will both tilt and swivel. Used it for my DS and K100. I use the Gary Fong diffuser and it will diminish the shadows. Can't say how effective it would be since you are using thisparticular lens. I also use the featherlight version of abetterbouncecard which I made myself and very easy to do.

Overall, I really like this shot and any of the edits. The subject is excellent as well as thepose.
Thanks for the comment and for taking the time to look. I think next time I will try my BIGMA.


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