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NonEntity1 wrote:
You are right Dawg, I should have said our forum has hit 5000 topics. The actual posts are upwards of 48,000. Oh well, it just caught my eye as I was coming in to the forum and saw an even 5000 beside the Pentax forum.


No apologies needed.. The K100D and K10D have ignited the Photo world into becoming Pentaxians. For a lot of folks it is now a viable alternative to the Nikons and Canons out there. More intrest in Pentax cameras and lens than I've seen in over 30 years. The number of posts just reflects that. As an owner of a K1000 camera since the late 70's I was waiting and waiting till Pentax finally woke up and produced another star performer...They have done that now many times over and made my Decade!! LOL


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