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mtclimber wrote:
Point well made, Greg-

Firstly, my husband is a most convenient subject, and one that I use fairly often. I am sorry for the that repetion. I know and understand that you like the TZ-3 a lot, just as you did your Olympus cameras. In fact, I have always admired your work.

It would be nice to see another couple of camera manufacturers produce cameras that excel in low light level environments.

Sarah Joyce
We all have our convenient subjects..for me, it ismuch to my cats disgust. He now runs and hides or turns his back on me and makes an awful noisewhen he sees a camera in my hands.

I've actually just finished liquidating most of my Olympus DSLRoutfit. I've kept the FL50 flash to use with my FZ50 and am down to two and the TZ3. Ive just gotten to the point I'm tired of hauling it (a DSLR, period- not the Olympus in particular)around and, to be honest, I've just been impressed with what I've been able to do with these two.

Last week a bought a Fuji F40 for my daughter to take to college. Of course, before she took it I had to give it a spin and boy, I was impressed with it. It's perfect for her, but a little too limited in terms of focal length range andnot wide enough for me to want one for myself. I just hope Fuji didn't go too far in terms of megapixels with their newest, the F50.

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