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1eyedeer wrote:
Whatever current entry level DSLR you buy will take you to a higher level without spending a fortune. The difficulty for you is giving the correct weighting to the advice you are receiving. Just keep doing the research, listening to opinions, and try to judge what is important for you. A particular features may look good but be of no benefit to you.

Its the nitty gritty operational things that can be irritating, and you don't find them out until you've used the device, camera, whatever for some time. User opinions can highlight these limitationse.g, Amazon for equipment, TripAdvisor for hotels, etc. If I look at enough of them, I get a general feeling and often pick up a common shortcoming in design or performance, and form a opinion of level of satisfaction or dissatisfaction. Just another piece of advice to accept or ignore!
After reading what you have just stated it makes no sense why you even bother being on here since the sources you have sought to answer your questions could not be found here.

You have got to be kidding about for user opinions.

Glad you're here to straighten everyone out. No amount of what experienced users have shared here amounts to much according to you.
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