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Come now Sarah,

If I had been of a mind to I could have regarded your post immediately following mine as a personal attack. But I'm sure you didn't mean it that way. And even if you did - so what?

This is just an internet forum where people of all skills, talents, abilities and intelligence or lack thereof can post. The great leveller.

If you post an honest opinion that disagrees with mine or dismisses it (as you did above) should I be offended at that?

There are plenty of genuine personal attacks to be found on all internet forums and this has had its fair share. 1eyedeer's post was certainly not in that category.

Many people here value your contribution tremendously, in the last few days there have been posts naming you specificallyfor special praise. Do those count for nothing compared to some (possible) slight?About which I agree with John, I see little in there to take offense at if you were not in a frame of mind to do so.

I agree with 1eyedeer - in internet landthe reader must sift through piles of rubbish to find the nuggets of wisdom (this forum is better than most, but still there is much rubbish written here - and I'm sure I've contributed my share). If you want the poster to listen to you 100% and take your word as gospel are you willing to offer recompense if your recommendation turns out not to suite perfectly? Of course not, that would require you to spend hours over each post instead of a couple of minutes.

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