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ennacac wrote:
Roy I think your A* was too far gone for lemon pledge possibly one of those places that fix windshield chips would have helped, but not pledge.

It is amazing though how much damage can be visable on a lens and it still works. Kind of makes fussing about some dust on the lens glass a waste of time.

Have used Pledge or Favor for many years now on Plexiglass and Lexan to fill and clean scratches. Worked for several years building boats and we hand formed the windshields with a heat gun on a plywood form. The enevetable scratches were filled with the wax in the Pledge and disappeared for a while. Still do it with the CNC lathes at work and some of the machine guarding and surounds there. Works wonders but it is not permanent!! Almost any wax will do even car care types. Got to be careful there as some chemicals can react with the coatings and remove them and some have a bit of abrasivness to remove the dull film on older painted surfaces. Pledge or Favor are a lot safer and do a cleaning of the old wax at each application.

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