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Greg Chappell wrote:
frogman946 wrote:
Those are very impressive flash pics. Is the FL50 a Panasonic flash unit? If so would it also be compatible with the FZ30?
As mentioned above, you would need to use it in non-TTL auto, but that''s not a problem. It is, in fact, the mode I used for these pictures. The TTL function uses a pre-flash that can cause some subjects to close their eyes, so I typically do not use TTL with people, and the flash's built-inexposure systemis extremely accurate.

The nice thing about using the FL50 with the FZ50 is, even using non-TTL auto, since the camera and flash "talk" to one another, It's as easy as using the two in TTL mode, and in any exposure mode.

This Olympus Fl50 and the smaller, less expensive Olympus FL36 are, virtually, the exact same as the two Panasonic-branded flash units....justless expensive.I've even heard they are both built at the same factory.
Thanks for the reply Greg and Jape.

How does the Pana fl28 compare with the Oly fl50 or fl36 though?
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