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Did your eyes bulge wide as you looked at those images. Anyway, after salivating for a while I pulled out the english words and extrapolated a bit, so don't put my head on a block for these numbers but they seem consistent.

Olympus CAMEDIA C-5050ZOOM
5.0 Megapixels
C3040 C4040 ? ...
Focal Length: 35-105mm
Optical Zoom: X3
Lens: ultra-bright F1.8-F.6
Digital Zoom: X3.3
Digital ESP - Electro Selective Pattern
Flash Hot Shoe for Olympus FL-40 )
TTL iESP- intelligent Electro Selective Pattern
Powerful Image Processing Engine
sepia tint, blackboard, whiteboard, black/white ,
manual White Balance
Optical Real-Image Viewfinder
Flip-out LCD
Supported Media : xD-Picture Card , SmartMedia/CF Type I/II Microdrive - 1GB
Bundled with: 32 MB xD-Picture Card

Now Let me go back to salivating. Thanks for the link Shorty. It looks like an unbelievable camera; and if due out in November it could mean they have time to get bigger lens.

What I love so far (from the picture)
- F1.8 super bright lens
- Flip out LCD (its about time)
- Smartmedia/xD/CFI,II support
- 32MB xD card (remember those 8MB cards we used to get)
- an updated version of a tried and true design
- Flash Hotshoe
- Optical Viewfinder

One concern I have about this being a 5.0 Megapixel camera: 3X Optical Zoom? Are they serious? I know they lost money on the 10X IS zooms of the E-100RS and C-2100UZ, but come on now; surely they could do better than that.

I'm sure all these reviewers already know about this camera but are bound by Non-disclosure agreements. Me on the other hand, I just clicked a link on from the last message and had Google translate the page. The Internet... information for the masses.
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