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I had an look at that Clark video finally, but something seems wrong with the color. They seem an bit flat, and an bit washed. Some of the colors seem to be like their from an complementary sensor. For instance, the guitars. The latitude seems lowish (but we have seen this sort of thing on the HD1 when encoded in quick-time). Any suggestions?

Also you will notice on the IFA interview clip on the EXACTI lettering on the window, and the highlight on the car at beginning of Clark clip, broad blue flare/fringing, like an lens problem. I can say little more about the Sanyo, as my player displays the odd frame per clip (I can get one working very slowly with the Samsung).

I think the Sanyo is displaying improvement over previouse models (though I can not remember how HD2 did). 1080i would use some form of 4m pixel+ interpolation, but 720p modes could allow for pixel binning and better low light and latitude. If it is an complimentary color sensor (which I hope not, bayer is naturally better) then 720p pixel binning would be very helpful in increased color accuracy.

Had an look at the IFA interview done from the new 720p Sanyo. It looks good, no lens problems, but as with the Sanyo, the color of lighting in the auditorium is not good. I forget about what the Sanyo has, but the detail on the Samsung seems lacking) The latitude looks like it may have limits (notice the door in the background opening producing 100% burnout). But my guess, is that it will be better for low light than latitude. However, maybe outside it will kick in with some latitude tech feature. It seems to have more bit-rate too.

I can't get that train clip to work, just the odd frame in QT (but now QT 7.2 just displays green). I hope both cameras do well outside in 720p.
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