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I'm not sure where to start here. So here's some ideas.

The camera should not be able to become broken due to files in its integrated memory or on a memory card. You can hang it by having incompatible files on either. You can only get rid of them via a computer because the camera won't start up far enough to delete them using the camera.

No picture taken by one of these cameras has ever been heard of having a virus or being able to hang a computer. Some of your symptoms point to a faulty usb cable, which has been heard of. Or a faulty memory card.

You can easily check the memory card two ways. One is by removing it from the camera and seeing if the camera works ok using its internal memory. If it does, try uploading from the camera to the compter again using the cable.

If the card proves ok, try uploading the files from it to your computer using a memory card slot or card reader.

You may also have a bad battery, which failed during your upload, causing the camera to shut off, and so possibly corrupting a file or files that were on the camera.

So make sure your camera battery is ok.

Try taking pictures with and without the memory card.

Try uploading pictures using the usb cable and a card reader.

Write off the files on the memory card and try to format it using either the computer or the camera.

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