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Any hints on when we should be expecting cameras with Foveon CCDs which were supposed to bring the prices down to consumer level?

I know you can't legally talk about the features of the camera, so lets be hypotetical - would a 5.0Mp digicam with a regular (3X or 4X) optical zoom be targeting consumers of prosumers?

I know Olympus has SLRs with a 4.3X optical zoom (regular cameras, folks). But would the prosumer really go for the smaller zoom cameras with all the trimmings and higher megapixels? As it is, the competition stands at:
Nikon 5700 (8X Optical), same flip out LCD, Sony F707 (5X Optical) and the Nikon 5000. I think this camera was going after the Nikon 5000; however with Nikon's surprise of the 5700 with it's long zoom several manufacturers could've been caught by surprise as they literally upped the ante in the 5.0Mp category.

Look at me... I feel like I've been reading Digicam reviews for a good fraction of my life. It's reached a stage that although I get excited by new camera announcements, when I review the specs they usually leave me wanting. The Sony F707 was the closest thing to perfection that I had seen so far. Steve, I think I'd be good at this review thing, I could call it "Kue's Gut Feeling" - got any openings?
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