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Default Canon A60, no software, no drivers, questions and answers

I bought a Canon A60 from as a simple point and click camera after reading several reviews on here and other sites. Previously I had owned a Samsung DigiMax101, and recently tried a Samsung Digimax240 but returned it due to battery consumption.

Now I knew I would be getting the manual in French - but hey - it's a point-and-click camera and the Samsung ones weren't too hard to figure out were they?


First up I never got a manual nor did I get a driver/software CD, there was the invoice inside the box so someone had opened it before sending. Due to me getting home late in the evening I decided to install the camera and ring PixMania the day after (this was on Monday when it arrived - click here: to read what had happened before then). I plug the camera in, the same as I did for the Samsungs, but nothing happened. Okay maybe I do need the drivers. Go to the Canon website. After following a lot of links going round in circles I wind up at to find that the links didn't work. I then search around a bit more and found the TWAIN drivers (I always thought TWAIN was for scanners...) and a working link on the Austrailian site for Canon, and the manual in PDF format.

Okay, things are looking up. I install the drivers and plug the camera in, and the camera is detected. It then starts Kodak Imaging program (I'm running Win2K Pro). Considering I was familiar to the Samsung where the camera is detected as a USB mass storage device and I could simply drag and drop the images to a folder, this was an annoyance. After recieving a message that Kodak Image software couldn't use TIFF or Motion sequences I closed it down and looked in My Computer.


Unplugged the camera and plugged it back in. Kodak started up, the warning message and then my pictures appeared. After looking at the shoddy interface it seems like there isn't an option to mass copy all files to my harddrive - okay I can live without copying a test video to my drive, but having to save each individually? I went on holiday with my DigiMax240 recently (I bought if before I went on holiday and where I found it ate batteries) and took 150mb worth of pictures at ~400kb a pic - try copying each of those individually to your laptop! Obviously I would need the Zoombrowser software. The Canon link only has updates for the software so I searched around the Net for downloads. Nothing, so I turn to P2P software, stick 4.1 EX in my queue and retire to bed.

PixMania was apologetic and promised to send it out. Apparently several people hadn't received theirs and the fault was Canon's. I pointed out that the invoice was in the box and ergo someone must of seen that it was missing. Anyway, they would be sent out immeadiately (as of they haven't turned up and I left after the first post today).

Fortunately during the day the software had downloaded, but I was busy during the next couple of evenings so I last night was the first time I had a chance to sit down and sort out the camera. I installed the software to it's default location, rebooted my machine as instructed. I plugged in my camera, now an option appeared to select which TWAIN program to use: Kodak Imaging or ZoomBrowser. I selected ZoomBrowser, and for the briefest of seconds the splash screen appeared and then disappeared.

I then started the program via the start menu, selected the Camera Icon from the left most menu and was told that there was no actions (I'm writing this from memory while I am at work). I fiddled around and followed what little instructions there is. The software's troubleshooting says to refer to the manual and the manual says to refer to the software for software issues.

Any ideas? Why did Canon choose to go the route of proprietry software? It's not due to Compact Flash because my friends Oregen Scientific use CF and that plugs straight into USB and is also detected as a Mass Storage device. If I get a CF reader will that allow me to get around the ZoomBrowser? Is there any (preferably free) software that will allow me to browse the card ala Windows?

Also about the camera itself. Steve says in his review that the camera take 0.6 seconds from the time it takes pressing the button to the moment the picture is taken. However when I take pictures it is a lot longer - nearer 3 seconds. I'm timing from the moment I press the button to the moment the flash goes off. What gives? Is there some 'fast photo' setting I've missed? What settings were you on when you tested the camera?

I'm going to have another play this evening, but if the software/drivers don't turn up tomorrow (Saturday), then Monday I will be sending it all back.
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