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rgvcam wrote:
Kevin_0089 wrote:
Hey everyone. Just a question about MiniDV camcorders. The answer is probably easy and simple. The question is... "Are there any MiniDV camcorders that hookup to the computer and transfer video via USB 2.0 (NOT Firewire)?" I have recently been looking at MiniDV camcorders just because I am curious about them and I have been seeing that they all hook up to the computer to transfer video via Firewire. Most of these camcorders have USB ports, but theyre used for just transferring pics. If anyone has an answer, pleast post here! Thanks everyone!
You could always buy a firewire card for your PC. They are quite inexpensive now and should install as easy as a USB card.
Hey rgvcam. Where could I buy a firewire card? Is Best Buy an option? If so, could you post a link to the product here? Thanks for the help!
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