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Hi Guys

Need to pick some of your talented brains and have your opinion on these 50mm manual focus prime lenses I should get for the E1 ?
  1. Carl Ziess 50mm F1.7 Panacolor *T C/Y mount[/*]
  2. Carl Ziess 50mm F1.4 Panacolor *T C/Y mount
  3. Olympus 50mm F1.4[/*]
  4. Leica R summicron F2[/*]
I had a play with an Oly 50mm f1.4 last week, and although it was nice, it did not feel right with the E1, but at the price I've found one I'd be more than happy to grin and bare it. I can also pick up an CZ Panacolor F1.4 from the same store for 3* the price of the F1.7, which is still cheaper than what I've seen it on ebay. The Leica R is the most expensive out of the four but I think due to its size and construction possibly be a nicer fit (ergonimcally) with the E1, although it will be at least 2 stops slower than the CZ F1.4 and Oly F1.4. All of the lenses are supposed to be in excellent condition. So which out of the these lenses would you go for or is there another lens thats worth getting instead ?




Dear PanaLeica,

Can we on the OlyPanaLeica forum all be given a Leica D25mm f1.4 for long term testing and as Tom already has one, perhaps you could provide the 45mmF2 macro instead.

Pretty please with sugar on top.

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