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Caelum wrote:
The shooting distance should have been pretty equal, and I might have zoomed just a little to fill the screen, not much. It's interesting because the sound difference isdue tothis being shot before theC6 firmware update. This means the recording volume did not auto adjust, it wasconstant (but there was clipping). Since the C6 firmware update, and with the CG65, the recording volume level constantly auto-adjusts to prevent the sound from clipping. In this specific case, with fireworks, prehaps it's not ideal as it tends to dampen the bangs, but for the majority of other situations, it's really much better. I imagine the CG6 must also adjust the recording volume.
so this is a manual firmware update on the C6..
what about the C65, does it auto-adjust out of the box? and more importantly can you turn the autoadjust off?

@sashasmommy: like Caelum said: use VLC player.
another way to save the file first to your computer, when you get to the downloadlink don't click it. instead right-click it and save. that way you can save it anywhere instead of having it open up in your browser.
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