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ArizonaVideo, I saw those digital glitches in your video, not sure why it didn't happenin mine? It lookedlike it happened mostly transitioning from anear black frame to a fireworks burst, perhapsit's because I didn't have black frames? Has that happenedwhen shooting anything else?

The shot might have been a little special. The background was a mountain peak so it was almost 100% black some of the blocks may be the coder reacting to the bright points of light which make many little leans flair spots.

It also over exposed slightly so this might cause blooming which mixed with some lens flair made some strange artifacts.

Most of this kind of stuff would go away if Sanyo gave us a higher data rate like 5mps.

The falling sparks were just bad once they got fairly small; the coder just turned them into blocks. It's almost funny how bad that is.

The footage looks fine (not perfect) in good light with only a small amount of digital noise. I was just reviewing some old DV clips from 2003 with a cheep 1/6 CCD Panasonic camcorder and it looks like poop next to the Sanyo. In the same room with almost the exact same light the Sanyo has twice the colored and is brighter and has lower noise and has better sound. It is not even close which is better.

I would be happy with a firmware flash but that's not the way they fix problems any more, you just have to buy a new device and hope for the best.

Any one with a single 1/6" CCD camcorder will be much happier with the Sanyo.

I just got in a Canon Optura S1 with a 1/3' CCD and the low light performance is not near as good as the Sanyo. It does shoot true 740x480 so it will be interesting to see how it compares to the Sanyo in full light.

I didn't plan on buying another DV cam. I sold my large 3CCD Canon GL-1 but I was going to use my brothers low end Canon to capture all the tapes some day into my machine. I plugged his camcorder into his firewire cable and it smoked! We had to pry the tape out. This left me with no tape drive to use so I looked for a camcorder a little better CCD just to see if it would look any better than the junky Canon Eudora.

If I find time I may mount 3 cameras at once on my tripod and do some pans.

The Panasonic TZ-1 at 843x480 which can look really nice some times if you add some noise filtering and slight sharpening and the Optura S1 with true wide screen 740x480 and a 1/3"CCD and the Sanyo CG65 with a 1/2.5 CCD.

The Canon is a $500 or more camcorder when new and has the smallest sensor. I hope it will look better on the indoor basket ball than the Sanyo did. The slightly low light level made some noise so the Sanyo just kicked in the filtering and made the skin tones look like clay and the fast movement made for some chunckies too.

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