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ArizonaVideo wrote:
The Panasonic TZ-1 at 843x480 which can look really nice some times if you add some noise filtering and slight sharpening and the Optura S1 with true wide screen 740x480 and a 1/3"CCD and the Sanyo CG65 with a 1/2.5 CCD.
ArizonaVideo, how much better is the video quality of cg65 compare to tz1?
i have tz1 i use it mainly for shooting video, i plan to get a cg65 but i am not sure if its really better than tz1.

tz1 and cg65 are about the same size, i like tz1 for its' OIS and 10x zoom, cg65 stereo sound and small filesize.

if you could do a short 10seconds side by side video comparison between them and upload to i would appreciate, thank you.
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