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mtngal wrote:
Love the series (but then, I love horses). Where were you - looks like a horse show. But around here the shows don't usually mix driving with jumping. I love the lighting on the first jumper - by the way, did they have a pole down? It almost looks like the horse is going to rub with it's fetlock, but it could have been the angle. In any case, neat pictures.
It wasn't a horse show it was an agricultural show. There would normally be sheep and cattle but with the foot and mouth problems there weren't any (again!). There were also a number of tractors (from quite old to new) on show as well as dog shows, pet rabbits, pigeons, and caged birds. Something we didn't see but might try and see next year (I say next next but I hadn't been for over 20 years prior to this week) would be the ploughing match. I assumed this would be tractors pulling ploughs but it was actually 2 large horses with plough and man following in the rear.

I quite like watching the horses despite my nervousness when around them. I used the opportunity to fire off loads and load of shots. I was lucky in that I was very close to jumps 1, 2, and 3 so it was a case of aim, focus, frame, shoot towards jump 1 then the same at 2 and 3. Not really sure what I learned but I had fun and that's part of the reason for having a camera.

I don't think that the pole did go down that time. It's funny but I'm sure I got a couple of horses knocking a pole off but when I looked at the pictures, I couldn't see any. It's all about the timing of the shot I suppose. Mind you I have a feeling the this horse did knock the pole off.
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