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Tullio wrote:
However, my guess is that Panasonic will soon releasea new 18x model (something similar to what Nikon did with the D40 and D40x)with a larger sensor and perhaps 10 MP and charge $499+ for it. It just seems like $399 is a veryaggressive price for what the camera has to offer. Any thoughts anyone?
Waiting for the 'next, better, upgraded' model is an unending gameintroducedwhenconsumers became aware of yearly upgrades of personal computers. None the less, that's why I'm putting off my own purchase of the FZ18.:roll:

I'm wishing...just hoping...that there will be a FZ60 or '70 or whatever with a couple more features, a larger sensor, and this great 18X lens. That's not too much to ask, is it?

So, from now until Spring my FZ10 can teach me some more stuff and I'll try to curb my envy of the FZ18 owners. And I'll play the game that I can't win...


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