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Hi and welcome to Steves!

It is a difficult one as each of us will like different focal lengths for general work, but for me I would prefer the option they have shipped you as you have a wider angle and at 85mm on the long end that is going to be great for portraits (well somewhere in between depending on the look you want). For me 28mm is too long for the wide angle, I find my 24-105mm is too long as well so have a 17-70mm as my walk around lens on the 30D. However JohnG (who might chip in on this one) does use the 28-135which I believe he used on the 20D and found that to be good for a lot of things so it is horses for courses.

OK so that does not help you but if you are able to have a play with it just check out what you can shot at the wide angle and then zoom to approx 28mm and think could you use that as your wide limit.
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