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Hi Ira, you are absolutly right. i did not know there was a difference in the design/lens location/thread of what are termed 'mounts'. I have an old 'mount' looks almost correct for the Pentax K bayonet and it has a fine thread on the other side. But it just will not engage with my slide copier thread Almost, almost there, but will not start, probably an m42 to K mount. So I need T mount for sure. I am green on these lens location issues,

I do note experts like dawg occasionally mention loss of infinity. It would seem that if the rear of the lens is to close/far away from the film plane/chip surface it will not be able to focus down enough? i have this problem with binoculars, becauseI am 5.75- sight I cannot pull the rear optic back enough to focus unless I use my glasses! Well at leastI know now what I am hunting for thanks for the tips, Silversurfer
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