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the prices on the lenses you all mentioned look great and I think I could easily get each of them mentioned, what can I expect from the sigma 70-300 apo?

I am using a panasonic fz15 now for the side line action shots but need to put the new one to work. Compared to this on side lines what can I expect?

I like the idea of fast focusing and I do stand on the sidelines. Would it be worth getting both the 85mm and 50mm lens f/1.8? i can get close in basketball too.

So there is no bigger lenses in my budget worth getting? These lense are all 58mm filters. I've seen some vaired in the 18-70 with 2.8 in my range also wtih 77mm filters? are any of these fast enough for both insight and outside? football is about over now and I will be going to basketball next. I can get by with my old camera for now in football.

So something about $300 to $350 would work here.

you guys are great

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