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Well I thought if the lens is bigger it will allow in more light and that all the f stops at 2.8 were the same, but you all sound like some focus faster then others?

I know my panasonic fz15 has a 54 mm lens and it does a nice job considering the cost and it's a point and shoot, action shots are pretty good with it. It's not very good in a basketball gym though.

So the 85mm would be a discent lens for basketball, I think I'll start to shop for it. Is the Canon better or is there any other brands that are just as good or maybe slightly better or larger in size to allow in just a little more light for indoors?

This whole lens thing is so confusing. I see the ones that at f/2.8 but how does one know if it 's fast enough for action, what description on a lens will give me this "speed" and fast focus.

On my panasonic I have it set at 5 shot bursts for action and it does a pretty good job outdoors in football. I'm no expert but it does a descent job, will other lens do as well as this that are in my price range?

No on mentioned the Sigma lens I posted above if it was the one for good action or not? or is the sigma lens you talk about a different one?

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