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I found what looks like a good alternative, the Kodak K-6000. It's a one piece - it's got a short cord but the powersupply built in. Smart charger, with 100 to 240V/50 or 60cy input, holds 4 AAs 0r AAAs, and a little cheaper than the Maha 401. Thomas says its a real good charger, and since they are the high priests of Maha that goes for something.

Nice thing is its about 6.5 oz compared to 12 for the Maha. Good for anyone who needs an international charger and is really trying to travel light.

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the intl wall wart is a switching power supply about 1.5"lx1.25"wx.75"h and quite small. you have to but the batteries someware along with the support electronics. its still small by at least my standards and i've carried mine all over the world. didn't break my back or take up real room in my bag. did charge my batteries real well though.
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