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interested_observer wrote:
Hi Roy,

Absolutely Amazing! However Dominic does not appear to be a greyhound (full size, 3 feet tall and 80 lbs). He appears to be an IGgy - an Italian Greyhound which is the smallest - that is in the toy group (12 to 15 inches and 10 to 12 lbs). The Whippet is midsize (~24 inches and 20 lbs). The IGgy is sofa sitter inside the house (or usually on your lap), and as you saw a real runner out side.

We have 6 here of our own, and fostering another from the Tucson 11 - The ASPCA picked up 30 dogs from a puppy mill and 11 were IGgs that came into IGCA Rescue.

I was letting our mob of girls out in the backyard the other night. Daisy spotted a rabbit in the backyard and the race was on - 1st stride she was in turbo mode already, 2nd stride she went to afterburner, by the third stride she had gone into hypersonic - as Peter the rabbit squeezed under the fence. She then made a victory lap around the back yard - having protected the garden for yet another day.

Here is the Daisy (the doodle)
i know where you're at. we do boston terriers. had at least 250 go thru this house. a few of our fosters

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