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robar wrote:
well, i've made a bad impression and should have stated that these are not my images. i got them in an email.

if they'd been mine there would have beed a lot more detail. HEHE
a couple of years ago we had a fast , smart breeding pair in the house. we killed 27 in one month. barb actually caught 2 in the same kind of trap as above at the same time. no breeding pair tho until i stayed up late one night with my 22 pistol and rat shot. haven't had a prob since.

One old house we lived in Roy I'd sit in the livingroom and pot them in the kitchen with a 22 rifle and rat shot...Got 12 in one night....Cats couldn't even keep them down as there was a soy bean field 10 feet from the west wall and harvest drove them out into my home!

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