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Default F700 - crippled

As some of you might know, the Fuji F700 has two sensors a S or sensitive sensor and a R or range sensor.

The range sensor is much less sensitive and allows you to extend the dynamic range of images that are captured. The R sensor really kicks in when the S sensor is over exposed and so you can expose for the shadows and still capture details in highlights.

After several weeks and borrowing code from other people i am able to extract both the S and R sensor images from the F700 raw files.

In a nut shell, the SR sensor works and the results are amazing, but......

I have not found any evidence that the jpeg images from the camera ever use the R sensor.

This may not be correct to refer you to another forum but i am too tired to type all of this again -

Call it crippled, defective whatever. Something is wrong inside this camera and it is a shame because the SR technology works.

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