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If you shoot sports for a living, birds in flight (for fun or as a pro), or other fast moving objects, DSLR's still rule the roost, but I would say, for probably most everyone else, DSLR's are not a necessity as a means of taking the type images they shoot. They WANT one upposed to simply learning how to use something else that might do as good a job for what they shoot, and that's why they have one. Search PBase databases by whatever model you want. There are probably as many mediocre images created with DSLR's as there are with point & shoot digicams.

As one who got over the DSLR "gotta have this or that"sickness, I can say from experience the process of owning a DSLR and constantly pondering the next upgrade, or the next "neeed to have" lens, accessory of piece of software, it's one of the more expensive ways to "enjoy" what is for well over 90% of us, a hobby.

As long as I can get quality like this from a digicam with a set of features like the Panasonic FZ50, DSLR's are in my past, not my future..

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