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Default Re: Canon A80 and indoor focusing

Originally Posted by shveckle
Hi I just purchased a Canon A80. Before I had this camera I have always had Olympus digital cameras. With the A80 I have a very hard time focusing indoors. The camera always blinks that it has dificulty focusing when in automatic. It is worse when I use the zoom, when I do not use the zoom at all it is better but still most of the time the camera has dificulty focusing and the LCD is almost pitch black. Is there a trick to be able to use it indoors and have it focus. I did not have that problem with my Olympus. My last olympus was an Olympus D-40zoom. It is on sale on ebay. I just tested them together and the olympus has an easier time focusing indoors. Granted the Canon takes better pictures with the flash, not as washed out, but I barely can get it to focus indoors. Does anyone have any suggestions or tricks they know of to get it to focus better when indoors?
Don't know if this helps but, I read a post in a different forum about an A80 that had defective focus assist light. It was just too dim. Just to be sure yours is OK you might want to stop by a local camera store and check a different A80 out and do a comparison. Mine is bright enough so that I see spots when I close my eyes after looking at it for a few seconds when I hold the A80 at arms length.
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