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amazingthailand wrote:
tjsnaps wrote:
This is one of the things that urk me on this site...the SLR snobs (I am anDSLR user)
I take umbridge at this comment. I am no (D)SLR snob. I could care less what you or others use. I personally prefer an OVF over any electronic viewfinder. Note the word PERSONALLY.

As VTphotog said, the arrival of an EVF in a DSLR is inevitable, but that does not mean I have to embrace it. At present, EVF's fall far short of what an OVF offers. When it is as good (or better) than an OVF I will reform my opinion.

My main comment was that by losing the mirror, we will also lose the dedicated AF and exposure sensors that give the DSLR one of it's performance edges over other cameras. AND THAT is what I do not want to give up.

But I agree, that each person must choose the tool that fits their shooting budget, needs, style and skills.

Personally I have a p&s with an OVF, a p&s without an OVF, an SLR like camera with EVF (no OVF) - The Sony R1, and an excellent DSLR with an excellent OVF. The camera I choose to shoot depends upon what it is I am shooting and where.

But DSLR snob, no, not at all. I do not even care what brand as long as it suits my needs. Actually all of my cameras are different brands. The only area where I have been brand loyal (and not intentionally) is in my choice of camcorders. I use Sony.
I'm not sure why you take umbridge after reading the rest of your comments. This was my piont different tool for different job bugit etc. But their are many here who think any one without a DSLR is not serious or incable of good photography. Thats what I have a problem with.
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